SVBC Gold Review

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This is our official review of the SVBC Gold company based out of Andhra Pradesh, India. Find out if they are a scam or a legit gold company worth doing business with. This is all you need to know about the company.

SVBC Gold Review

SVBC Gold Review Info & Contact

We kick things off with the contact information and business details.

Business details & Contact

Siripuram, Visakhapatnam – 530 003
Andhra Pradesh, India

Phone: + 91 891 – 274 6669

Email: [email protected] 

Summary of Business

SVBC Gold is one of India’s leaders in the bullion market. The company has an online and offline platform with a professional team that upholds the highest accountability, reliability, and honesty standards. Its products and services are aimed at the precious metals market, with SVBC Gold offering gold and silver bullion products.

About the Company

SVBC Gold is one of India’s premier gold bullion sellers, and the company has a long and rich history. Suresh Kumar Jain, the company’s founder, comes from an extensive background in gold jewelry. He and M. Y. Subramanyam and Chinababu, two other well-known people in India’s jewelry and bullion market, founded SBVC Gold in 1998.

Products & Services

SBVC Gold has a simple list of products: pure gold and pure silver coins. They sell 1, 2, 5, 8, and 10-gram gold coins and 10, 20, 50, 100, and 500-gram silver coins. The policy coincides with the company’s tagline: As Pure as it Gets.

The company’s official website is nothing special: simplicity is strongly emphasized, and very little information is shared on the website. There is a live price feed of gold, silver, and the USD/INR exchange rate, and there is a spot price of gold at all five SVBC locations throughout India.

The company is among India’s most reputable bullion dealers, and they follow Indian payment policies, meaning people can’t use a credit card to purchase bullion.

If you’re living in the United States, then this might not be very important information, but many wealthy investors from India chose to invest in bullion and gold bars. That’s the main reason why I’m sharing this information today.

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