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DSS Coins and Bullion Review

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Below you will find everything we know about DSS Coins and Bullion. This is a business that resides in Omaha, Nebraska, and operates under the official business name, DSS Bullion, LLC.

If you’re looking to purchase bullion or gold coins in Omaha, then this is a must-read for you. Find out all about the company, the products, and services that they offer, and more. 

DSS Coin and Bullion

Summary of DSS Bullion Business

DSS Coin & Bullion is a Nebraska-based coin and bullion dealer providing jewelry, coins, art, antiques, and more. The company is a long-time bullion and coin dealer and has kept its operations small, thus ensuring it provides impeccable products and customer service.

About DSS Coins and Bullions Co.

DSS Coin & Bullion was founded in 2001 in Omaha, Nebraska, by David Schroeder, who opened his first physical and eBay store after recognizing the possibilities of the Internet.

As a passionate coin collector, he knew the business inside and out and was able to develop and curate a precious metals business selling graded collector’s coins and other products.

Products & Services

DSS Coin & Bullion has set out a straightforward goal of being a trustworthy, reliable, and honest precious metals dealer who sells and buys bullion coins, rare and collectible coins, and other products that appeal to people nationwide.

While they might be trustworthy, you must keep your guard up when on the hunt for rare coins and collectibles. These are easy to fake and replicate, so be sure to only buy from trusted vendors.

What Do They Sell?

DSS Coin & Bullion buys and sells coins, art, antiques, collectibles, trading cards, jewelry buyers, watches, clocks, firearms, and military items. They have a licensed gemologist on their team that appraises all precious gems and diamond jewelry.

The Website & Online Reputation

The DSS Coin and Bullion website is simple and elegant, with a lovely background image featuring gold coins and bars. The menu is easy to use, and the top of the page has the store locations and their primary phone number.

Overall, the DSS website is good, but it could use some improvement, for example, listing the available products on the website.

DSS Coin & Bullion enjoys an excellent online reputation as a reliable and fair-priced seller and buyer of precious metals. However, most positive reviews are about the physical shops run by friendly and efficient staff.

Official Company Website

Business Details & Contact

DSS Bullion, LLC

1445 S 13th Street

Omaha, NE 68108

Phone: (855)-254-7228

Email: [email protected]


If you’re living in the Omaha, NE area and you’re looking for bullion, coins, or other precious metals then you could consider a local seller like DSS Bullion & Coin. However, if you’re looking for an investment opportunity, then you’re best bet is putting your money into a gold IRA account.


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