Jaggards Review

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If you’re living in Syndey, Australia and you happen to be looking for a local precious metals dealer, then you’ll eventually end up at Jaggards. They are bullion dealers and sellers of rare gold coins. The company has a positive reputation and if you’re looking to purchase as a collector or investor, then see below for everything we know about the company. 

Jaggards Review

Details About Jaggards (Review)

Company headquarters:

Jaggards Pty Ltd

Level 8/74 Pitt Street

Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Phone: 02-9230-0886

Email: [email protected]

Summary of Business

Jaggards is an Australian-based international precious metals dealer with a strong emphasis on integrity, authenticity, and trust. The company has a tradition spanning more than 60 years and is a leader in the Australian bullion industry.

About Jaggards Pty Ltd

The company has a long tradition in the world of precious metals and numismatic coins, as the founder, Robert Jaggard, was a passionate coin collector.

He saw the opportunity in trading with coins, and he evolved the Jaggards brand, which spread to gold, silver, platinum, and rare coins over the years.

Today, Jaggards has products and services tailored to the needs of investors worldwide.

Products & Services Offered

Jaggards has kept the same values since its inception, and the company has expanded its services and products over the years. They started with rare and numismatic coins; today, they offer gold, silver, and platinum coins.

Tons of Gold Coins

The gold coins at Jaggards come from some of the world’s most famous mints, like the Perth Mint, the Royal Mint, PAMP, the Canadian Mint, the China Mint, the US Mint, etc.

People can purchase gold Kangaroo coins, gold Rabbits, gold Britannia coins, Austrian Philharmonics, Canadian Maple Leafs, gold Pandas, Buffalo coins, and various gold bars.

Lots of Silver

The silver offer at Jaggards is also very varied, with silver Kangaroos, silver Koalas, silver Kookaburras, Silver Canadian Maple Leafs, silver Pandas, silver Austrian Philharmonics, silver South African Krugerrands, silver Liberty coins, silver Tudor Beast and Britannia coins, and various silver cast and minted bars. The platinum products include Lunar and Kangaroo coins from the Perth Mint.

Bank Notes & Rare Coins

The Jaggards offer also includes rare coins and banknotes like Australian banknotes, Commonwealth coins, Half sovereigns, Sovereigns, and various rare and world coins.

The company also provides depository services, cooperating with the Perth Mint Depository Online platform.

The Website

The Jaggards website is exciting and modern, with a clean theme and a lovely gold logo. The website provides plenty of information about the history of Jaggards and anything you may wish to know about investing in precious metals in Australia. 

They have spot prices on precious metals in USD and AUD on the website, a user-friendly menu, and additional links that satisfy any client’s needs. The website also has a blog on precious metals, charts, a buyback price list, etc.

Contacting The Company

Jaggards can be reached by phone and by email. They enjoy an impeccable online reputation as a trustworthy institution with expertise and excellent customer satisfaction. 

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