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In this review, you will learn everything you need to know about the website and company. We cover everything from consumer ratings, to trust levels, and even company history going all the way back to 20 years ago. If you’re looking for information on the Gold Silver company, then this is the review for you. Don’t forget to read other reviews that have been published as well. Review Reviews For Investors Today is a famous online jewelry store founded in 2006. The company is famous for selling silver and gold jewelry and other precious metals at the largest discount. products are all 100% authentic.

The online store only sells 100% real and authentic products. is a world-class gold company and trusted online jewelry store in the precious metals industry and famous for its high-quality products and huge discounts. is a website that reviews and compares gold bars, silver bars, silver coins, and gold coins. They do not specialize in Gold IRA rollovers or anything like that. Its mission is to take the confusion out of the precious metals investing process by offering unbiased, expert reviews of the best gold and silver bars, coins, and related products. is owned and operated by Gold Silver dot com, a one-stop shop for all your gold and silver needs. The company has been in business for over 25 years and is committed to providing great customer service with exceptional service through quick, reliable delivery like home delivery and global delivery, affordable shipping costs, knowledgeable and friendly customer service, and good prices.

After 25 years in business, Goldsilver, Inc. is still going strong. The precious metals dealer was founded in 1993 by Maurice and Kathy Mendiola and was originally located in San Diego, California.

The company began by selling gold and silver to gold bullion and silver bullion dealers and coin collectors but has since expanded its operations to include online buying and selling.

GoldSilver Background is a website offering gold, silver, platinum, and palladium prices, charts, news, and other precious metals information. The site is updated daily, and the site also provides a blog with market commentary and commentary about precious metals. provides downloadable trading guides, videos, and articles to help beginner and intermediate traders stay on top of the gold-silver market. The site also features discussions on major market events, interviews with leading precious metals analysts, articles by contributors, and breaking news. was founded in 2006 with the goal of providing exceptional value to precious metals investors and gold silver dealer services.

Over the years, the company has evolved into one of the most trusted and recommended gold and silver dealers in the industry, offering competitive precious metals pricing and world-class customer care. is the pawn shop you can trust to buy or sell your gold and silver bullion, coins, bars, and jewelry.

Their 24/7 website makes it easy to find and get the best price for your precious metals. They buy old jewelry, broken jewelry, sterling silver, coins, bars and bullion, coins, bars, and jewelry. They pay the highest market prices for gold, silver, platinum, palladium, diamonds, and fine jewelry.

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The Precious Metals IRAs

Precious metals are an investment vehicle that experienced investors have used for decades to diversify their portfolios, but a new type of IRA, a self-directed IRAs, is available for new investors seeking the benefits of precious metals exposure.

Precious metals IRAs are tax-advantaged retirement plans that come with more benefits than a standard IRA, making it a smart choice for investors who want to avoid paying unnecessary fees, as well as for those who prefer to diversify their portfolios with precious metals.

With an IRA, you get to contribute to your retirement savings and are fully insured while earning dividends and interest from your investments, and you also get to save on taxes with an equity trust.

As an investment, precious metals like gold, silver, bullion, and platinum have been touted for decades as long-term, safe investments. They hold their value, and more importantly, they hold their value better than the investments that the average investor puts in.

This is because the gold, silver, and platinum in your IRA are kept separate, meaning that you not only get to own precious metals but also own the physical gold, silver, or platinum itself.

Products of

Shopping for gold and silver can be daunting since there are so many ways to buy and sell them. But starting here on your first visit to GoldSilver is a great way to make your journey into precious metals easier.

This site has something for everyone, whether you are looking to buy a few coins or gold bars as a long-term investment or you’re looking for a gift for a relative or friend. Gold and silver investment can also help you grow your life savings in reputable companies like Goldstar Trust Company and Strata Trust Company. is your one-stop shop. Their website features an extensive selection of 14k, 18k, and platinum jewelry, along with their collection of gold and sterling silver bullion bars. They also carry an array of engraved jewelry and religious jewelry, all at reasonable prices.

For your next purchase, browse their selection of bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, watches, and pendants. The company offers bestselling products like:

Gold Coins

  • American gold Buffalo Coins
  • South African gold Krugerrand Coins
  • Austrian gold Philharmonic Coins

Gold Bars

  • gold bars 1-ounce
  • gold bars 10-ounce
  • gold bars 400-ounce

Gold Jewelry

  • A stunning and excellent collection of 24- and 23-karat gold jewelry

Right now is the best time to invest in gold. According to many market experts, the price of gold will go up. In fact, many experts predict the price of gold will reach $2,000 an ounce within the next decade.

“Gold is a highly sought-after commodity,” says Heather Durso, founder, and CEO of Money Metals Exchange, “and because we don’t produce much of it, it becomes increasingly scarce. That means demand goes up. When that happens, the price goes up.

Silver Coins

  • American Silver Eagle Coins
  • Canadian silver maple leaf
  • Britannia silver Coin
  • 1-ounce silver rounds

Silver Bars

  • silver bars 10-ounce
  • silver bars 1-kilo

Silver is the go-to metal for jewelry of all kinds. It can be plated with other materials, of course, but silver’s natural shine, durability, and malleability make it ideal for pendants, rings, and bracelets.

It’s also a common metal to buy silver for wedding bands. Silver jewelry often helps express the wearer’s personality since there are so many types of silver jewelry to choose from. Silver jewelry styles include silver rings, silver bracelets, silver necklaces, silver earrings, silver brooches, and silver pendants.

Storage Fees and Storage Options is one of the most reliable online storage companies with an international depository services group.

High-security storage facilities, a variety of payment options, and affordable rates make a great choice for anyone looking for a safe, secure place to store their valuable possessions. delivers peace of mind for its clients and has earned its reputation as an industry leader. always offers the most cutting-edge online storage products in safe vault storage, but what is even more important is the service. Check out the official company Linkedin account too! promises to keep its prices low and its customer service high, and it believes they have met that goal.

Wrap-Up: Is Gold Silver Genuine & Legit? is a top-rated online jewelry store specializing in Gold and Silver Jewelry, Wholesale Prices, Gold Jewelry, Wholesale Silver Jewelry, and Diamond Jewelry. is a trusted online jewelry store.

Their customer positive feedbacks and reviews prove it, and without customer complaints, there are some fake reviews about, but it’s genuine without hidden secrets. is an online jewelry store that specializes in selling affordable gold, silver, and platinum jewelry, as well as gold bars, gold coins, and rhodium jewelry.

They have been in business for over 25 years and are committed to offering the highest quality jewelry at the most competitive and lower price and an excellent buying experience. They understand the need to make buying jewelry an affordable and easy process.

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