Gerrards Bullion Review

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This review of Gerrards Bullion covers all the facts about the bullion business located in London, England. If you’re living in the United Kingdom and you’re interested in investing in bullion, then it’s strongly suggested that you check out the info below. 

Gerrards Bullion Review

Review of Gerrards Bullion of UK

Here’s the business contact information to kick things off. Most people are probably most interested in obtaining this information so we start here to address the need. 

Business Details & Contact

Gerrards (Precious Metals) Ltd
63-66 Hatton Garden
London EC1N 8LE, UK

Phone: +44 207 242 6521

Email: [email protected] 

Summary of Gerrards Precious Metals

Gerrards Precious Metal Ltd is one of the UK’s well-known bullion dealers. With 50+ years in the business, Gerrards Ltd is also famous for selling and buying jewelry. The company offers storage services and many more services that serious investors appreciate.

About the Company

Gerrards Precious Metals Ltd was founded in the 1950s as a jewelry dealer in the Hatton Garden, London’s Jewelry Quarter, and the diamond trade center of the UK. The company started expanding its services in the 1980s when the precious metals market rose, and Gerrards began diversifying its products and services. By the 2000s, the company added physical gold and bullion products and now operates a land-based and online bullion platform.

Products & Services

Gerrards Precious Metals Ltd is a reputable precious metals dealer with an excellent offer of bullion products and jewelry. They sell gold bars and coins and silver coins and bars; recently, they added platinum and palladium products to their product catalog. Gerrards Bullion is an official dealer of the Royal Mint products. They also carry products from various mints worldwide, like the Perth Mint, South African Mint, US Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, etc.

At Gerrards Bullion, one can purchase Gold Sovereigns, Gold Britannia coins, Krugerrands, Gold Maple Leafs, Gold King Arthur Myths & Legends coins, gold Queen’s Beasts, Gold Buffalos, Gold Philharmonics, etc. They also carry a varied offer of silver coins like Silver Britannia coins, Silver Maple Leafs, King Arthur Myths & Legends coins, various Perth Mint silver coins, etc.

Gerrards Bullion also provides safe and secure bullion storage with Brinks, a world-renowned precious metals storage service. Investors can store their precious metals with the company, as they have safe, secure storage vaults that one can use.

Each client gets a storage account and can sell their bullion directly from the account without any problems. The storage is free for the first three months, and you can remove your stored goods from secured storage any time you want. In that case, the company will arrange secure, insured delivery for a fee.

The Company Website

The Gerrards Bullion website has a simple outline and excellent navigation. The top of the page has the spot prices of precious metals and shares the vital contact options for the company. Also, you can select the currency and the weight unit.

The website has a search function and a helpful menu to find all about Gerrard’s products and services. Among the website services, we should outline the online calculator where you can enter the weight and carats of your precious metals and get an estimated price of your items.


Gerrards Bullion enjoys an impressive online reputation with a 4.8-star online rating and an A+ rating from the BBB. They have a good reputation and are a company worth connecting with if you’re in the London, UK area.


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